"We need myths, we're built by myths, we die for myths" ~ Marlon Brando 

" There are no 'old' movies, only movies you've already seen and ones you haven't" ~ Peter Bogdanovich

Filmycks is particularly dedicated to the type of cinema that is timeless, humanist and universal, championing cinema of social and political consciousness, analysing existential themes, and promoting thoughtful and intelligent films that engage the mind as well as the heart.

Film Noir  and Poetic Realism  are well represented currently, as is Golden era Hollywood, Classic Brit cinema, Nouvelle Vague  and American Renaissance . More Neo-Realism,  Japanese, Swedish and modern French to come! Also you'll find many films relating to the notorious Hollywood Blacklist, for interesting and salutary reading.

SPOILER ALERT! - Consider also the essays are very detailed and contain plot information necessary for a full analysis, so keep that in mind! 

DIRECTORS SUITE will help establish a benchmark of excellence. Following a great director will help negotiate the seemingly endless maze of 100 years of accumulated viewing options.

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